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Welcome to our Apparel & Merchandise Page!

Our Merchandise Crew

Our team specialised in Riding Gear, they have received Harley-Davidson training and would be able to advise you on the Riding Gear and Apparel that is correct for you. If we do not have your size in the showroom, we will order it for you!

The products we are offering in store can be categorised as follows:

  • Riding Gear
  • Clothing
  • Merchandise, Gift Items & Collectibles

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  1. Riding Gear

This is our Core Business: we are not only selling Motorcycles, Parts & Accessories but a complete Harley-Davidson range of Riding Gear. The Harley-Davidson MotorClothes range has been designed with the Rider and with our Motorcycles in mind. A number of patented products have been developed through the years to ensure that our products and not only functional but durable and stylish.

From Head to Toe

For new Riders, we have developed a suggested Purchase list of Riding Gear.


AREA Product Functionality
Head: HELMET This is a mandatory item to have while riding on the roads of the UAE.

Some of our helmets are European Approved and others are DOT (US) approved.
  • Full face
European Approved. With visor, chin is covered.
  • System Helmet
European Approved. Front part with the visor can slide on the top of the helmet.
  • 3/4
European Approved. Face is open, shell of the helmet is under the ears.
  • Half
DOT Helmets. The shell has the ear area open.
  Sizing is from Small to XXXL.
  • Visor
We have visors for night vision & with shade as well.
  • Helmet bag
For transport
Sight Eyewear: Harley-Davidson has developed a full range of Eyewear,
  • Goggles
Check out the range of Goggles with removal foam. The foam is functional during riding, to avoiding sand, dust & wind to bother the eyes. The foam can be removed and the Goggles can be worn as sunglasses after riding.
  • Sunglasses
Our sunglasses have UV protection and offer a better vision during night riding.
  • Accessories
For some specific models, we are selling separate lenses.
Hearing Hearing Protection  
  • Alpine Earplugs
We are offering the complete range of Motorcycle earplugs developed by Alpine in Europe and TUV approved.
Neck Bandana & Neck protectors We have a full range of stylish & Harley-Davidson bandanas and neck protectors.
Torso Jacket This is a key area. Style & Protection:
  • Leather gear

The leather used in our jackets has been specifically chosen for Riding. It is a high quality product.

Harley-Davidson has developed a full range of stylish motorcycle jackets. The main advantages of these products:

  1. The leather has double stitching to resist tearing during a fall for example.
  1. The sleeves are longer than a “normal” jacket as while you are riding, your arms are forward on the handlebar. This detail helps you to keep warm while riding.
  1. Action Back has been developed around the back & shoulder areas to help the comfort of the rider.
  1. Zipped ventilation system has been added through the sleeves and the back.
  1. For some models, you can add Body Armour
  1. Reflective area on the names & logo are found on most of our Riding Gear.
Nylon Jackets Sounds like “Nylon” but these jackets are ideal for the Middle East and the hot weather climate. The jackets have Body Amours that can be removed, are stylish with a full ventilation system to keep the Rider cool with reflective areas on the logos.
EC-Approved Body Armours You can purchase the body armour separate although some of our jackets have the Body Armour pockets available:
  • Back Protection
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow pads
Kidney Belt We are selling Kidney Belts separately although some of our Riding Gear Jackets might have it included already (see FXRG range).
Hands Gloves The Gloves we are offering have padding on the palm area of the glove: this reduces the vibration in the hand while riding and in case of fall, you are most likely to place your palm first. The padding should help by protecting your skin.
  • Gauntlets
These have a longer part covering the end of the jacket. They are practical to avoid wind going through your arm while riding.
  • Gloves (full fingers)
We are offering full fingers
  • Gloves (half fingers)
And half fingers.
  • Kevlar Pants
We are offering our customers KEVLAR trousers: these trousers look like regular trousers but have KEVLAR reinforcement inside, protecting the body. Our range consists of Cargo pants and other stylish models.
  • Trousers/pants
You can purchase either full leather riding trouser or jeans. Harley-Davidson Jeans have been prepared to resist tearing and have double stitching.
  • Chaps
We are offering leather chaps that are easily worn over a jean or trouser. They also have a protective function during riding.
  • Riding Shoes
Our Riding Shoes & Boots are strong and tested products specifically designed for Riding.
  • Boots
FXRG Range Functional Products

The FXRG Range has been developed with the Rider in mind: functionality is the key word. Harley-Davidson offers the following products:

  • Jackets & Pants
  • Body Armours
  • Gloves/gauntlets
  • Rain Gear
  • Heated jackets & pants system

Please note that we might not have all the products available in shop (like the Rain Gear and Winter lines), but if you wish to order it, we will get it for you.

  1. Clothing

Harley-Davidson of UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi T-shirts

Our Showrooms stock several different designs of Genuine Harley-Davidson T-shirts with our Dealership name as Backprint. We have specific Backprints for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our range includes T-shirts for Men/unisex adult, women collection as well as Children T-shirts. Prices vary from AED120 for the Adult unisex t-shirt and AED150 for the Ladies t-shirt. To order them online, please follow the link.

Core & Seasonal Products

Harley-Davidson offers a range of Core products which are available through the year and Seasonal Limited Edition collections to their customers. These products are available in our Showrooms. The collections consist of Men, Women and Children. From Head to toe:

  • Caps & Hats: there are specific Ladies and Children caps available as well
  • Bandana & scarf’s
  • Tops, Shirts, Blouses, Camisoles & tanks
  • Vests in leather or denim for both men & women
  • Stylish outerwear jackets that can be worn while not riding
  • Trousers & jeans
  • For ladies we have skirts and dresses available
  • Socks & undergarments for men and lingerie for women
  • Shoes and boots – riding & non-riding products
  • Fashion Items

Children & Babies

It’s never too early to start wearing Harley-Davidson Clothes! We have a range specifically designed for the little fellows. You can buy either newborn gift set (girl or boy) or find single items. Note that we are offering a girl and a boy range separately. Visit our showrooms to see the Children & Babies section next to the Ladies Apparel area. Products available are:

  • Newborn sets with rompers, bibs, hat and trouser
  • Bibs sold separately
  • Individual rompers for baby
  • Clothing available from newborn, 6 month to 12 year old
  • Girl and boy sets available for children
  • The Clothing has been designed with the Children in mind!

Can’t find your size????

First do not give up, it’s not because you cannot find it that we do not have it! Please ask our staff. If the product is not available in our showroom, we might be able to order it for you.


Harley-Davidson has developed products to cater all sizes: from Petites with XS and size 6, as well as some XXXL products. If we do not have in stock, please ask and we should be able to order it for you.